Massimo Delledonne Dipartimento di Biotecnologie
Università degli Studi di Verona




Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

I am a plant genetists, and I have a clear position on "classical" and "modern" breeding. If you have attended to my presentation on genetically modificed organisms and now you want to be able to think about what I have shown you, you can find a PDF version of one of my presentations here 

Educational Opportunities at the Delledonne Laboratory

Undergraduate Students

The Delledonne lab currently can provide research experiences to maximum 3 undergraduates. Students work one-on-one with research mentors to generate high-throughput data in areas such as gene discovery, analysis of plant disease resistance mechanisms, and plant biotechnology.

Graduate Students

Prof. Delledonne is the chair of the Departmental graduate program in Applied Biotechnology. The Delledonne lab currently can provide bench space to maximum 6 PhD students.

Graduate and undergraduate students also actively participate to the weekly informal discussion group meeting. Assigned readings from the scientific literature and data coming from their own research project are used as a basis for discussions designed to introduce students to the diverse experimental approaches used in genetics and genomics research. The group meeting is particularly devoted to issues surrounding presentation of the results obtained during the research period. In this way, students become familiar with presentation and discussion of their own work. Preparation of the final document, the Thesis, and its defense in front of the Committee are thus simplified.

For more information on these graduate and undergraduate opportunities, please contact Prof. Delledonne