I am italian, I work and live in Italy. I have a Laurea degree in Agricultural Sciences and a PhD in Molecular Biotechnologies. 

In 1994 I was appointed Assistant Professor of Plant Genetics (SSD AGR/07) at Università Cattolica del S. C., Piacenza
During 1995-1998 I visited the Salk Institute for Biological Studies (CA, USA) discovering the function of nitric oxide in plant disease resistance

In 2001 I've joined the University of Verona as Associate Professor of Plant Genetics (SSD Agr/07). In those years, the decoding of the human genome and the understanding of the enormous potential of genomics boosted the development of new sequencing technologies that would have soon revolutionized the field of genetics

In 2003 I've joined the EMBO community as EMBO Young Investigator

In 2007 I embraced the next generation sequencing technologies, switching the lab to the development and use of the new tools that genomic technologies were offering to microbial, plant, animal and human biologists

Since 2012 I'm Professor of Genetics (SSD BIO/18) at University of Verona, where I coordinate an extensive program of research characterized by an interdisciplinary approach that connects genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics and genomics.

In 2020 together with my colleagues Marzia Rossato and Alessandro Salviati I've founded Genartis SRL, a spin-off of University of Verona that operates in the field of personalized genomics and DNA sequencing.

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