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Laura M. Morato

Publications and preprints

L.M.Morato, S.Ugolini Localization of relative entropy in Bose-Einstein condensation of trapped interating bosons. PDF version preprint 2012
L.M.Morato, S.Ugolini Stochastic description of a Bose-Einstein condensate. Annals Henry PoincarŔ 2011
L.M.Morato, S.Ugolini Stochastic quantization of finite dimensional systems with electromagnetic interations. Stochastics An International Journal of Probability and Stochastic Processes (formerly Stochastics and Stochastics Reports) 1744-2516, (First published on 01 March 2011), PDF version
M.Caliari, L.M.Morato, S.Zuccher Spectral methods for dissipative nonlinear Schroedinger equations. Rapporto di Ricerca, Dipartimento di Informatica - UniversitÓ di Verona. (vol. 76/2009). PDF version
L.M.Morato, S.Ugolini Mesoscopic scales in Stochastic Quantization of a Bose gas. Rapporto di Ricerca, Dipartimento di Informatica - UniversitÓ di Verona. (vol. 75/2009). PDF version
M.Caliari, M.I.Loffredo, L.M.Morato, S.Zuccher Cubic nonlinear Schr÷dinger equation with vorticity. New J. Phys. 10 (2008) 123020
M.I.Loffredo, L.M.Morato Stochastic Quantization for a system of N identical interacting Bose particles. J Phys. A Math. Theor. 40 2007.
L.M.Morato, P.Siri Stochastic Learning in IFSP for Images with Grey Levels. Rapporto di Ricerca, Dipartimento di Informatica - UniversitÓ di Verona. (vol. 47/2006).
R.Chignola, P.Dai Pra, L.M.Morato, P.Siri Proliferation and Death in a Binary Environment : a Stochastic Model of Cellular Ecosystems. BULLETIN OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY. vol. 68 (7), pp. 1661-1680 ISSN: 0092-8240., 2006
L.M. Morato Formation of singularities in Madelung fluid: a non conventional application of Ito calculus to foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Proceedings of Abel Symposium, Oslo. 29th July-4th Aug 2005, Springer
M. Caliari, G. Inverso, L.M. Morato. Dissipation caused by a vorticity field and formation of singularities in Madelung Fluid. New Journal of Physics, vol. 6 (69) ISSN: 1367-2630, 2004
L.M. Morato. Some new conditions for the existence of singular non symmetric diffusions. Markov Proc. Rel.Fields, vol. 1 ISSN: 1024-2953, 2004
L.M. Morato and P. Siri. Stochastic learning of fractal images. International Journal of Modern Physics B, vol. 18, n. 4, 2004, pp. 1-8
L.M. Morato and P. Siri. Addendum to stochastic algorithm to compute optimal probabilities in the chaos-game: a new convergence criterion. Adv. Appl. Prob. vol. 36 (1) ISSN: 0001-8678., 2004
L.M. Morato. Solutions to some Partial Differential Equations and Rotational Feedbacks. (preprint of Dipartimento di Informatica VR 2003).
L.M. Morato and P. Siri. Proposal of some Stochastic Algorithms in Fractal Image Compression. (preprint of Dipartimento di Informatica VR 2001).
L.M. Morato and P. Siri. Learning Markov Chains in Fractal Compression of Image Data. Bull.Braz.Math.Soc.New N.S., 33 (3):77-92, 2002.
L.M. Morato and P. Siri. A Stochastic Algorithm to compute Optimal Probabilities in the Chaos-Game. Adv. Appl. Prob., 33:423-436, 2001.
N. Cufaro Petroni and L.M. Morato. Entangled states in stochastic mechanics. J. Phys. A: Math. Gen., 33:5833-5848, 2000.
L.M. Morato. From Nelson's Kinematics to symmetric and non symmetric ground state transformations. in "Stochastic Processes, Physics and Geometry: New Interplays", CMS conference proceedings series. (Gesztesy and others eds.) AMS-CMS, USA, 1999.
L.M. Morato. Nelson's Kinematics with singular coefficients and Dirichlet Forms. in "Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems" (A. Beghi, L. Finesso and G. Picci eds.) Il Poligrafo, Padova, 1998.
S. Albeverio, L.M. Morato, and S. Ugolini. Non symmetric diffusions and Related Hamiltonians. Potential Analysis, 8:195-204, 1998.
L.M. Morato and L. Viola. A relativistically covariant stochastic model for systems with a fluctuating number of particles. Phys. Lett. A, 246:214-218, 1998.
F. Illuminati and L.M. Morato. Stochastic Vatiational Quantization of Dissipative Systems. in "Quantum-like Descriptions and Macroscopic Coerence Phenomena", De Martino and oth. Eds. 152-164, World Scientific, 1996.
L.M. Morato and L. Viola. Markov diffusions in comoving coordinates and stochastic quantization of the free relativistic spinless particle. J. Math. Phys., 36(9):4691, 1995. erratum, ibidem 37 4769 (1996).
L.M. Morato. Stochastic Quantization and Coherence. Proc. of the Int. Conference on "Quantum-like models and Coherent effects", Erice, june 13-20 1994. R. Fedele and P.K. Shuckla, 97-112, World Scientific 1995.
G. Inverso and L.M. Morato. A new numerical method for calculating the ground state of Schr÷dinger Operator. DFPD 94/TH/11, 1994.
L.M. Morato and S. Ugolini. A connection between quantum dynamics and approximation of Markov diffusions. J. Math. Phys., 35(9):4505, 1994.
L.M. Morato and S. Ugolini. Gaussian solutions to the Lagrangian variational problem in Stochastic Mechanics. Annales de l'IHP, 60:322, 1994.
M.I. Loffredo and L.M. Morato. On the creation of quantized vortex lines in rotating HeII. Il Nuovo Cimento B, 108 B:205, 1993.
L.M. Morato. A new approach to the problem of relativistic kinematics in stochastic mechanics and a derivation of Klein-Gordon equation. Proc. of the Int. Workshop on "Probabilistic Methods in Mathematical Physics", F. Guerra, M. I. Loffredo and C. Marchioro, eds. World Scientific, Singapore, 1992.
L.M. Morato. Stochastic model for a Dense Spinless Hard-Sphere Gas. Il Nuovo Cimento B, 106:763, 1991.
L.M. Morato. Stochastic derivation of the Klein-Gordon equation from classical relativistic action. Phys. Lett. A, 154:327, 1991.
M.I. Loffredo and L.M. Morato. Lagrangian variational principle in Stochastic Mechanics: gauge structure and stability. J. Math. Phys., 30:354-360, 1989.
T. Minelli and L.M. Morato. Position momentum joint probability densities and generating function for the conserved quantities. Phys. Lett. A, 134:285-287, 1988.
M.I. Loffredo and L.M. Morato. Selfconsistent hydrodynamical model for HeII near the absolute zero in the framework of Stochastic Mechanics. Phys. Rev. B, 35:1742, 1987.
L.M. Morato. Path-wise calculus of variations in Stochastic Mechanics. in "Stochastic Processes in Classical and Quantum Systems", ed. Albeverio, Casati and Merlini, Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer, 1985.
L.M. Morato. Path-wise calculus of variations with the classical action and quantum systems. Phys Rev. D, 31:1982, 1985.
F. Guerra and L.M. Morato. Quantization of Dynamical System and Stochastic Control Theory. Phys Rev. D, 27:1774, 1983.
L.M. Morato. On the dynamics of diffusions and the related electromagnetic potentials. J. Math. Phys., 23(6):1020-1024, 1982.
L.M. Morato. Generalization to Stochastic Mechanics of Hamilton's variational principle, (preliminary results). Rapporto interno LADSEB-CNR, settembre 1981. (81/10).
F. Guerra and L.M. Morato. Momentum-Position complementarity in Stochastic Mechanics. Proc. of the Int. Workshop "Stochastic Processes in Quantum Theory and Statistical Physics", Marseille, june 1981.
L.M. Morato. Kinematics and dynamics of It˘ processes. Proc. of the Udine Int. Conf. on "Dynamical Systems and Mycrophysics", CISM. 271, Springer, New York, 1980.
L.M. Morato. The stochastic differential equations describing the electromagnetic fields in Quantum Communucation Theory. LADSEB-CNR, 1979. (79/09).
C. Cobelli, L.M. Morato, A. Salvan, and G. Toffolo. Parameter estimation in biological compartment models with the transport rates parameters considered as stochastic processes. Validation on simulated data. Proc. of the Summer Computer Simulation Conference La Jolla, California, AFIPS press, july 24-26 1978.
C. Cobelli and L.M. Morato. On the identification by filtering techniques of a biological n-compartment model in which the transport rate parameters are assumed to be stochastic processes. Bull. of Math. Biology, 40:651-660, 1978.
L.M. Morato. Notes on Stochastic Mechanics. Rapporto interno LADSEB-CNR, 1978. (78/06).
L.M. Morato. A Note on Fuzzy Observables. International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 16(9):707-713, 1977.
L.M. Morato. Some Quantum Problems in Optical Communication. Alta Frequenza, XLVI(2), 1977.
L.M. Morato. Realization of Generalized Measurements in Quantum Detection Theory. LADSEB-CNR, settembre 1975. (75/04).
L.M. Morato. Notes for a System Theoretical Interpretation of the Quantum measurement process. LADSEB-CNR, gennaio 1975. (75/01).
G.B. Di Masi and L.M. Morato. Bayesian Estimation: a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space approach. Rapporto interno LADSEB-CNR, marzo 1974.
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