Emanuele Viglianisi, Mariano Ceccato, Paolo Tonella

Summary of: A federated society of bots for smart contract testing


The peculiar novelty of smart contracts is a computational model where irreversible transactions are stored in a distributed persistent data storage, namely the blockchain. The technical nature of this new type of software opens to new kinds of faults, which require specific test capabilities to be revealed. In this paper we present SOCRATES, an extensible and modular framework to automatically test smart contracts. The distinctive features of SOCRATES are: (1) a collection of composable behaviours that exercise smart contracts in the blockchain; (2) it deploys a society of bots, with the purpose of detecting defects arising from multi-user interactions, which are impossible to reveal when deploying a single bot. Our empirical investigation demonstrates that SOCRATES is able expose both known and previously unknown faults in smart contracts that are actively run in the official Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, we show that a society of multiple bots is more efficient in fault exposure than a single bot alone.

PDF version of the paper.