Fabio Pavanello, Cedric Marchand, Ian O'Connor, Regis Orobchuk, Fabien Mandorlo, Xavier Letartre, Sebastien Cueff, Ioana Vatajelu, Giorgio Di Natale, Benoit Cluzel, Aurelien Coillet, Benoit Charbonnier, Peter Noah, Frantisek Kavan, Martin Zoldak, Michal Szaj, Peter Bienstman, Thomas van Vaerenbergh, Ulrich Ruhrmair, Paulo Flores, Luis Guerra E Silva, Ricardo Chaves, Luis Miguel Silveira, Mariano Ceccato, Dimitris Gizopoulos, George Papadimitriou, Vasileios Karakostas, Axel Brando, Francisco Javier Cazorla, Ramon Channel, Paul Closas, Adria Gusi Amigo, Paolo Stefano Crovetti, Alessio Carpegna, Melendez Carmona Tzamn, Stefano Di Carlo, Alessandro Savino

NEUROPULS: NEUROmorphic energy-efficient secure accelerators based on Phase change materials aUgmented siLicon photonicS


This special session paper introduces the Horizon Europe NEUROPULS project, which targets the development of secure and energy-efficient RISC-V interfaced neuromorphic accelerators using augmented silicon photonics technology. Our approach aims to develop three different platforms at technological, hardware computing, and simulation levels. In particular, their main advantages and limitations will be addressed concerning the underpinning technology for each platform. Then, we will discuss three targeted use-cases for edge-computing applications: Global National Satellite System (GNSS) anti-jamming, autonomous driving, and anomaly detection in edge devices. Finally, we will address the reliability and security aspects of the stand-alone accelerator implementation and the project use-cases.

PDF version of the paper.