Mario Luca Bernardi, Giuseppe A. Di Lucca and Mariano Ceccato

Workshop on maintenance of aspect oriented systems


Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) constructs introduce new kinds of relationships among traditional units, e.g. classes in Object Oriented (OO) code, and aspects due to the weaving among aspects’ code fragments, such as advice or inter-type declarations, and the traditional system units. These relationships can be difficult to identify making hard and risky the maintenance operations because the impact of a change could be very difficult to evaluate. New methods, techniques and tools (or the adaptation of the existing ones) are needed to successfully face and overcome the new problems and difficulties that AOP constructs could pose to code maintenance.

This workshop intends to act as a forum for the presentation and discussion of new approaches to effectively support the maintenance of AO systems, and to promote joint researches and experimental studies about this topic.

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