Gabriele Pozzani
Burundi Project

The Burundi Project at the Department of Computer Science (official web page) is a collaboration of the Department with the Pro-Africa Foundation. It is a part of a wider collaboration, named "Burundi Project", activated some years ago between several organizations and foundations (pro-Africa Foundation, University of Ngozi, Don Gnocchi Foundation, Giorgio Zanotto Foundation) and the University of Verona.

The active project provides

  • the participation of the University of Verona to the didactic work of the Bachelor of Arts in Nursing at the University of Ngozi (Burundi);
  • the help for the management and funding of the hospital of Ngozi, also for didactic purpose.

The new project provides to study, design, and initiate a medical second-opinion protocol and software system. For this purpose, the Department of Computer Science started a research grant whose goals include:

  • a feasibility study,
  • the design,
  • the implementation and management
of a software system that should allow to physicians in Verona to help and collaborate with their colleagues in Ngozi providing them with a second opinion about some medicine cases.

Material about the project
  1. Proposta di progetto / Project proposal, in Italian (11/2012)
  2. RT-01/2013: Progetti di telemedicina, in Italian (08/2013)
  3. TR-02/2013: First trip in Ngozi, in English (11/2013)