How to access and move files from Message Inbox to other locations in Nokia Symbian S60

I have spent some time to discover how to move or resend a file received via Bluetooth into my Nokia N95. Here I present a simple solution that I have verified and used.

In a Symbian S60 system it is not possible to resend or move files present into Message Inbox received via Bluetooth. Neither is possible to access to the folder that contains them using the standard File Manager.

A simple solution to be able to manage these files is to use X-plore 1.31, a free file manager that surely runs on Symbian 60 Version 3 devices (N95 & c.).

After the X-plore installation:

  1. Run the program;
  2. Go to Menu->Tools;
  3. Click Tools (from menu);
  4. The second item of Tools menu is 'Messaging'. Select it;
  5. The display shows all the attached files present into Message Inbox;
  6. Choose the one file you want to handle and again click the Menu and perform the wanted action.