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Algoritmi e Linguaggi per Bioinformatica: Algoritmi (2014/2015)

Program of the project presentations for the summer term 2015

Presenters: Please send me a draft of your slides at most a week before the date, so I can have a look at them and maybe suggest some improvements/correct possible mistakes/warn of possible pitfalls. I will need a final version for the presentation itself; if at all possible, send it to me at the latest the previous day; else bring it along on a USB stick. It's easiest if you bring your own laptop (and make sure you know how to project with it) and organize yourselves so that there is only one laptop per session. If you absolutely need to, then you can use my laptop but only if your slides are in pdf format (there are compatibility problems between Mac-ppt and Windows-ppt).

Audience: Please ask as many questions as possible! Don't worry: otherwise I'll ask them, and mine are definitely harder to answer!

JUNE 2015: Preliminary program

N.B. There may still be changes, esp. if some presentations are cancelled, I may ask you to move to a different day!

JULY 2015: