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Europe has a strong position in the fast-growing photonics and lighting industry but has to face the fast technological changes and, most importantly, a demand for larger transfer from research to industrial innovation and application. With the introduction of Solid State Lighting (SSL) new targets of energy efficiency were set and smart lighting technology was boosted. SCENEUNDERLIGHT leverages the privileged role of Europe in photonics as well as in smart lighting technologies. We propose 1. training of early stage researchers, who would become future experts in computer vision and lighting technologies, 2. first-class research, to push the state-of-the-art of computer vision and to drive the changes of lighting technologies, and 3. new disruptive products in smart lighting to accelerate the technological transfer from academia to industry.

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Two early stage researchers (ESRs) will acquire expertise on person detection, action recognition and forecasting, photometry and 3D reconstruction. At the end of the project smart lighting prototypes will be built, incorporating the state-of-the-art research done during the project. .


The beneficiaries of SCENEUNDERLIGHT are :

The University of Verona is a public institution, ranked third for research performance among all the “big” Italian universities (VQR 2004-2010 ANVUR). Research in computer vision is performed in the VIsion, Processing and Sound lab (VIPS lab) under the guidance of Prof. Marco Cristani. The VIPS lab investigates generative modelling and the understanding of human behaviour. .

OSRAM is world leader in lighting. It has 10 R&D departments over the world with 2700 researchers. Competences in OSRAM range over the whole value chain, including materials, electronics, optics and computer vision.Dr. Fabio Galasso leads the Sensors Department, with R&D interests in computer vision and multimodal computing, in relation to smart lighting applications.

Partner organisation:The Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is a private foundation with the main objective to promote Italy's technological development and higher education in science and technology. Research at IIT is carried out in highly innovative scientific fields with state-of-the-art technology. The Visual Geometry and Modelling (VGM) laboratory, led by Dr. Alessio Del Bue, researches computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning.

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