Marco Cristani
Associate Professor
Computer Science Dept.
University of Verona

Welcome to my homepage!

Research interests

  • My main research interests are in statistical pattern recognition (mainly deep learning and generative modeling) and computer vision, with emphasis on social signal processing, i.e., how to model human activities with computer vision tools, following social psychology principia. In particular, I'm interested in fashion modeling (clothing parsing, recommendation, attribute learning) and how fashion is related to personality. Other interests are on video surveillance applications, such as human activity modeling, people re-identification and pedestrian detection.


  • Dec. 2018: 2 WACV2019 papers, oral presentation!!!
  • Apr. 2018: "Evaluating the Group Detection Performance: The GRODE Metrics." PAMI paper with Francesco Setti!
  • Mar. 2018: "MX-LSTM: mixing tracklets and vislets to jointly forecast trajectories and head poses." Spotlight paper at CVPR 2018!
  • Feb. 2018: "Looking beyond appearances: Synthetic training data for deep CNNs in re-identification." CVIU paper with I.B. Barbosa, B. Caputo, A. Rognhaugen, T. Theoharis!
  • Jan. 2018: "Discrete Time Evolution Process Descriptor for Shape Analysis and Matching." TOG paper with S. Melzi, G. Roffo, U. Castellani, M. Ovsjanikov!