Umberto Castellani
   Strada le grazie, 15
   37134 Verona, Italy
   +39 045 8027988


His research is focused on 3D data processing, statistical learning and medical image analysis. He is working on 3D shape processing from several acquisition systems. In particular, he likes to exploit spectral methods for non-rigid shape modelling for matching and retrieval. He is also working on brain MRI images for the detection and recognition of biological markers related to a certain disease.

3D Data Processing
  • 3D Registration 
  • 3D Feature point detection and description
  • 3D Object retrieval
  • Spectral shape analysis and diffusion geometry

Statistical Learning
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Multiple Kernel Learning
  • Generative Models
  • Hybrid generative/discriminative methods
Medical Image Analysis
  • Brain Classification in Schizophrenia
  • Biomarker identification for mental disorders characterization
  • Multimodal data integration