Domenico D. Bloisi

Domenico D. Bloisi

Assistant Professor

Università di Verona

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About Me

From February 2017, I have joined the Department of Computer Science at the University of Verona as a fixed-term assistant professor, working on the HORIZON2020 project INTCATCH.

I am also the team manager of the SPQR Robot Soccer Team at the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome.

My academic interests include intelligent surveillance, multi-sensor data fusion, image processing, robotic vision, and steganography.

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IntCatch Vision Data Set

A data base containing videos and sensor data coming from small lakes and rivers collected in the context of the HORIZON2020 project IntCatch.

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IntCatch AI

A collection of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for small and low-cost Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs).

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IMBS-MT is a background subtraction library designed for performing an accurate foreground extraction in real-time on HD images.
IMBS-MT can deal with illumination changes, camera jitter, movements of small background elements, and changes in the background geometry.

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